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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sponsor?

A sponsor is a Steemit account which delegate STEEM Power to our bot account @brupvoter.

What does ROI stands for?

ROI is an acronym for Return on Investment. At our website we use this term to refer to our sponsors' ROI and our bidders' ROI.

What is "The Return On Investment (ROI) of our Sponsors"?

This means how much money our sponsors make daily per 1000 Steem Power delegated to us. At our webpage "Sponsors' ROI Graphs" we measure the ROI in three different ways:
  1. STEEM per 1k STEEM POWER delegation;
  2. Annual Percentage Rate - APR;
  3. Annual Internal Rate of Return (IRR).
These indicators are well explained at Sponsors' ROI Graphs webpage.

What is “Bid Return On Investment? (ROI)” Mean?

This means how much you should make as a vote buyer (also known as user or bidder) when the current voting round ends. It is measured as a percentage rate from the value of the bid the user has sent to the bot and the total value of the author's post reward, related to the upvote received from our bot. It is important to notice that this is an estimation, as the real ROI will only be defined after the post reaches 7 (seven) day old, when so the payout for the post reward is done.

What does Negative ROI FREE mean?

Negative ROI Free means you will always make at least 1% on your vote buy from us. We can only guarantee this at the very moment of the voting bid. That happens Because the STEEM/SBD price may change at the time of the voting period.

Why the R.O.I. of @brupvoter vote value was less than 1%?

The return on investment (ROI) of our bidders, as mentioned in our main page, is dependent on the STEEM and SBD prices. So, if it varies after the bidder has submitted its bid, the ROI may also vary more or less. Our bot guarantees a minimum of +1% ROI at the very time of the bid.

What does "Current Round" and "Next Voting Round" mean and what are their differences?

The bot has two distinct phases: one for receiving the bids (Current Round) and another for upvoting the posts related to those bids (Next Voting Round). "Current Round" stands for the period of time that the bot is receiving bids whose related posts will be upvoted by the bot at the time of the "Next Voting Round", which will occur when the Voting Power of the bot reaches 100%. Usualy, it takes 2.4 hours or 144 minutes for voting power to return to 100% after a 100% weight upvote, so each bidding period typically lasts roughly 2.4 hours. Due to the upper limit of 20% positive ROI configured at the @brupvoter bot, at the end of the round our bot may split an upvote with less then 100% of power and, because of that, it will take less than 2.4 hours to the next voting round.

What does "Last Round" mean?

Last Round shows the final results of the last voting phase of our bot. It shows the ROI of the last round, as well other information.

How come the “Last Round” ROI changes?

It changes based on most recent Steem price. This means that we can only guarantee the minimum +1% ROI at the time very time of the bid. So, we can not guarantee that after the bidding time of each bidder. As time passes after the bid, the STEEM price changes the ROI to more or less it was at the time of the bid.

What type of posts do @brupvote bot not allow?

We do not allow
  • Blacklisted Bad Authors
  • Negative ROI Free
  • The post must be at least 30 minutes old
  • Maximum 3.5 days old a post can be.
  • Maximum 2 posted votes for each author in each round

What are “Total Bid Value” and “Total Vote Value,” and their differences?

"Total Bid Value" stands for the sum of all the bids (STEEM and SBD) received in the "Current Round", converted in US$ (US Dollar). "Total Vote Value" is the value of a 100% weighted vote of our bot, measured in STEEM.

How one can contact us?

Bidders and Sponsors can contact us at our discordapp channels presented bellow at "Contact Us" section.
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