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Delegate SP to US NOW
Steem Power Delegation Tool Steem Power Delegation Tool
  • Choose any STEEM POWER amount, above 20, and delegate it to us
  • SP Delegation Instructions
    1. Enter your steemit user name in the field Delegator and then press the Load yellow button.
    2. A section will pop up showing:
      1. the existing SP amount you have already delegated to the bot, if any;
      2. the total SP amount available in your account ready to be delegated to our bot;
      3. an input field to enter the new total SP amount to be delegated to the bot.
    3. To correctly delegate SP to us, you must increase the Steem Power (SP) in total. For instance, if you have delegated 1000 SP to us and you want to delegate 500 more, you need to put down 1500 in the SP amount to delegate box. Do not just put down 500, or 500 will be subtracted and will become unavailable for you during the next 7 days.
    4. Also, you have the option to delegate the total SP available in your Steemit account, by clicking in the blue button Delegate the total available. We do not recommend one to delegate all SP available in his/her account because of the "Bandwidth limit issue". So, because of that, this feature of our delegation tool calculates the maximum SP amount you can delegate without freezing your account, so leaving a minimum SP necessary for that.
    5. Next click the green button named Delegate! and you will be put over to Authorize it with your steemit user name and active key, not your master key, as always a precaution. Also, always make sure your on the website.
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